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Technical University of Munich

It is our aim to conduct high-calibre research on an international level. To this end, we are continually stepping up our fundraising efforts. Our range of subjects is unique throughout Europe: natural sciences, engineering, medicine and life sciences. Apart from our thirteen faculties, we have set up central institutes and research platforms where interdisciplinary competences for future-orientated research projects are pooled. Our university culture is cosmpolitan and hospitable. 20 per cent of our students come from abroad. In Singapore we have launched an ‘outpost’ which goes by the name of the German Institute of Science and Technology (GIST). Thanks to the financial support we receive from reputed sponsors, we are able to resolutely augment our position in the face of global competition.

While committing ourselves to the performance principle, we continually strive to align our courses to the latest requisites. There are more than 70 Bachelor and Masters courses that appeal to both German and foreign students. Wherever possible, we prefer to select the most suitable undergraduates ourselves. We like our students to spend some time at a foreign university since we regard international experience as a valuable asset. It is for this reason that we participate in European university networks, have drawn up double diploma agreements with more than 20 universities and maintain partnerships with more than 130 universities throughout the world. We encourage the transfer of knowledge and technology. With the backing of private and industrial partners, we are already building bridges to professional practice while supporting our graduates’ entrepreneurial activities and offering those who have embarked upon their careers further training opportunities in keeping with the life-long learning concept.

Instead of regarding science and technology as an end in itself, we focus on the benefits they bring for our society. Technological and scientic progress has to respect people’s dignity, sustainable business and the protection of the environment. Cultural sensitivity and social competence are just as important as professional pre-eminence and economic infrastructures. In our dialogue with the public domain, we not only account for our actions but also receive valuable stimulation and gain new friends and sponsors. Our window to the outside world is the TUM’s Carl-von-Linde Academy (CvLA) — the only one of its kind in Germany — with its intramural yet outward-looking academic programme on the cutting edge between technology, culture and society.

We are committed to the idea of an ‘entrepreneurial university’, resolutely expanding our scope and regularly working on new structural concepts with a view to reforming this seat of learning and upholding its future viability. In order to meet the numerous challenges posed by society and the business world, we have created contemporary organisation and performance structures that allow us to implement efficient, strategic planning, fast operative decisions coupled with effective controlling and quality assurance measures. We were also the first German university to install the SAP R/3 data processing system and are now developing an integrated information and communication infrastructure by way of support.

source: http://portal.mytum.de